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Jared gave me back my life!  After six months of misleading diagnoses by two internists, enduring a CT scan, ultrasound and several rounds of prescription medications, I was desperate.  The pain in my upper abdominal area would not go away and no one was able to help me.  I was almost ready to accept that I would never be able to function normally again.

Finally, as one of the last options on the list, I was sent to physical therapy.  

After an initial consultation and several sessions with Jared, I was able to go back to yoga, pilates, spin and everything else!  When I am feeling the burn during exercise, I think about what Jared has given back to me and am thankful to be physically able to workout.

You never appreciate physical movement until you lose it.  If you do lose it, go see Jared!


4 words: Jared is the man!  In my initial evaluation, Jared was able to pinpoint the exact issue (lateral lumbar shift) and immediately provided a wealth of information about the issue and formulated a recovery plan for me.

Since then, my back has gotten immensely better, and and my back is shifting back to it's proper "center" and I've been building my core and ab muscles.

  Working with Jared is a treat. He obviously loves his profession and provides a variety of therapy during each session (usually a mix of hands on manual work and closely monitored exercises).  He's a good listener and is able to tailor the sessions to what works best for the individual.  Jared also has given me several "home" exercises to work on, so I can keep the momentum every day on my own (super helpful!).  

He's also a stickler for proper form, which is a good thing (if you are slacking on an exercise, he will notice). 

Another thing I like about Jared is that he explains the anatomy and the reason for things as we work on them - provides for great education along the way.



A little over a year ago, I ruptured my Achilles tendon and had to have surgery.  I went to another location for physical therapy for about 3 months after the surgery, and while it helped get me back to walking, I never felt like they did everything they could do to get me to 100%.  So after trying acupuncture (which only really helped with the swelling) and exercising on my own, my surgeon recommended that I go back to PT to see if it would help.  This time around, I chose Physical Therapyworks and worked with Jared.  This man healed me beyond my expectations!!  He immediately identified what they problem was (an extremely stiff soleus muscle), set goals for progress, and gave me lots of great exercises to work on. I have not only regained almost 100% flexibility in my ankle (I could barely do a squat before), I'm gaining more strength in my calf muscle and have finally gotten back to playing sports. Jared gave me my life back! 


I had massive elbow & shoulder Injury's with surgeries. Jared V. PT was hands on in my treatments and pushed for the best results. Jared's research and time spent putting together a comprehensive @ hm program for between visits achieved great results. He took the time to send e-mail updates & encouraging motivation. Jared's knowledge base of the of joints/muscle/bone groups is impressive, & he breaks it all down into a easy to understand formula.  


After back surgery at a spry age of 35 I was unsure what to expect in my rehab and even more unsure how my residual issues would be helped.  I highly recommend Jared Vagy for your physical therapy needs, the guy rocks and listens to your input each session.  Between his hands on guidance and knowledge...I had a speedy recovery so that I could safely return to my normal activities.