What is Rehabilitation?
These sessions are for injury, pain or surgical recovery. The source and contributing factors to your pain or injury are identified through an orthopedic assessment.  A specialized plan is then created to return you to optimal function. 

The Evaluation
Step 1:  Interview
A complete interview is conducted to determine your cause of injury, medical history and rehabilitative goals.

Step 2:  Find the source
A thorough assessment is performed to determine the mobility of your joints, the strength and flexibility of your muscles and the integrity of your neuro and vascular system.  It is in this stage that the source of your pain is identified.

Step 3:  Find the contributing factors
The clinical information obtained during the exam is factored into components of your patient history and your specific movement patterns to determine the causative and contributing factors for your symptoms.  

Step 4:  Develop a plan
A treatment plan is developed incorporating your goals, the pain source and the causative and contributing factors that are leading 
to your symptoms.  

Follow-up Visits
Depending on your specific needs one or all of these treatments will be included:
Manual Therapy:  Joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization and stretching
Therapeutic Exercise:  Endurance, strength and power training
Taping and Bracing:  Kinesiotape, leukotape and athletic taping
Neuromuscular Re-education:  Balance, coordination and dynamic training

Contact:  info@doctorvagy.com for information and locations in your area