What is injury prevention training?
These sessions will keep you injury free in your sport.  Your body is analyzed for specific regions of weakness or stiffness and a custom exercise plan is developed to keep you performing strong and healthy.

The evaluation
Step 1: Interview 
A complete interview is conducted to determine your previous injuries and injury prevention goals. 

Step 2: Identify your "weakest link"  
A thorough assessment is performed to determine the mobility of your joints, the strength and flexibility of your muscles and the integrity of your neuro and vascular system.  The "weakest link" in your body that can contribute to future injury is identified. 

Step 3: Analyze your movement
An assessment is performed to analyze your sports specific movement patterns.  This information is integrated with your identified "weakest link" to determine the specific injuries that you are predisposed to. 

Step 4: Develop a plan 
A training plan is developed to address injury prevention through strength, balance, flexibility and movement training.

Prevention sessions
Each session is an hour in length. Bring comfortable clothing that does not restricted motion.  Sessions vary based on your individual goals.

Contact:  info@doctorvagy.com for information and locations in your area