Custom Orthotics

What are Custom Orthotics?
Custom orthotics are shoe insoles that are custom molded and measured to fit your foot.  They are superior to over the counter insoles because of their customized attributes. 

Why is it important?
Orthotics address any biomechanical faults at the foot and ankle. They support the midfoot and forefoot in its most optimal position and reduce stress on the ligaments and joints in the body.

What Should I Expect?
A consultation will be performed to determine the need for the orthotic.  A second visit will be scheduled for measurements and casting of the orthotic. This visit can be set up either directly after the consultation or at a future date. 

What Should I Expect at the Consultation?
Not everyone needs an orthotic. The decision to create a custom orthotic is determined by a comprehensive foot assessment and a functional analysis of painful activities. 

Step 1:  Interview
A patient interview is conducted to determine your pain source, medical history and orthotics needs. 

Step 2:  Comprehensive Foot Assessment
A comprehensive foot assessment is performed to determine the exact need and model of orthotic that would be most appropriate for your foot. 

Step 3:  Movement Analysis
Your running, walking or any movement that causes you discomfort is observed and recorded. This information is factored into the orthotic making process. 

What Should I Expect During Measuring and Casting?
This can be performed the same day, or can be performed another time at your convenience. 

Step 4:  Foot Observation and Three Dimensional Orthopedic Analysis and Assessment
Most orthtotists take 8-10 general measurements of the foot before fabrication. Doctor Vagy takes takes 30 specific measurements. This is the most comprehensive stage and the precision of the measurements is the primary factor in creating the best orthotic for your foot. This step is one of the biggest differences between a good orthotic and a great orthotic. 

Step 5: Neutral Position Impression Casting
A plaster cast mold is made exactly mirroring your foot. Doctor Vagy utilizes neutral position impression casting to customize the orthotic. A neutral position plaster cast is the gold standard for customizing oththoics.  It captures an accurate translation of your foot anatomy with relationships and deformities in order to accomplish accurate and effective orthotic therapy.  The foot is placed in a subtalor neutral position which places the bones in the foot in their optimal alignment position.

Step 6:  Fabrication
Please allow two weeks for the fabrication of the orthotic.  Once complete, the orthotic will be mailed directly to you. 

What is your guarantee?
For any reason if you are not satisfied with the orthotic, you have the option of setting up a follow up appointment to review the issues and make additional customizations and changes to the orthotic.  This process can be repeated until you are 100 percent satisfied with the product. 

How much does it cost?
The orthotic assessment and consultation is free of charge. 
The appointment, measuring, casting, orthotic and any additional follow up visits and customizations are:  $470

Where do I go?
Doctor Vagy comes to you.  Orthotic assesment and casting can be perfored in the privacy of your own home. 
Or you can contact: for additional information and locations in your area. 

Is it covered by insurance?
Check with your insurance carrier to see if custom orthotics are covered under your plan.  If so, Doctor Vagy can supply you with the proper orthotic billings codes at your request and you can file your own insurance claim individually with your company.