What is Team Training?
Team training sessions are strength and conditions training sessions for groups of two or more and specifically designed to address team goals, improve fitness and prevent injuries. 

Why is it important?
A solid strength and conditioning program is essential in any individual or team sport. A good program not only improves the strength and endurance of the team but it also prevents future injuries. 

Who Can Benefit?
Any team who is looking to improve performance and prevent injuries through participation in scheduled team training sessions.

What Should I Expect?
A consultation is set up with the coach and training staff to identify common team injuries, current conditioning program and goals.  Doctor Vagy will create a customized training regimen for the team and the frequency of training sessions will be discussed and scheduled. 

What Should I Expect During the Training Sessions?
Because each team training session is customized to the players and the sport, it is difficult to give exact guidelines of what to expect. After the consultation, the structure and content of each team training session will be explained fully to the players and coaching staff. 

Why choose Doctor Vagy?
Doctor Vagy is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. This is the highest certification possible for strength and conditioning training and is the title held by most trainers at the Olympic level. He is also a licensed physical therapist who is residency and fellowship trained and is board certified as an orthopedic specialist. This is the highest orthopedic education and certification in physical therapy and is held by less than one percent of physical therapists. This unique set of skills allows Doctor Vagy to develop optimum team performance sessions that incorporate his knowledge of both sports performance and injury prevention. 

Where are sessions located?
Contact:  info@doctorvagy.com for information and locations in your area

What is the cost per session?
Consultation:  Free
Less than 5 participants:  $60 per person for a one hour long session
5-10 participants:  $30 per person for a one hour long session
10 or more participants:  $25 per person for a one hour long session