What is Movement Training?
Movement Training utilizes a high speed video camera to analyze the way you move and determine the optimal patterns for increased performance and injury prevention 

Why is it important?
Poor movement patterns repeated over time lead to degeneration and damage to the tissues in the body.  By creating and training optimal movement patterns, we take the stress away from injured tissues.  This promotes proper healing and the prevention of future injuries.  It gets to the Cause of the pain.

Who Can Benefit?
Anyone who has pain with movement or is looking for optimal patterns to increase performance for a specific series of movements.

What Should I Expect?

Step 1: Video recording
The patient performs the desired group of movements while being video recorded. 

Step 2:  Analysis
The video is analized for exact joint angles and sequencing. It is in this process that the "Movement Faults" and "Penalties" are determined. The movement faults are the improper angles and sequencing of your movement and the penalties are the negative effects on the body.

Step 3:  Re-training
The movement is performed again with specific coaching of proper mechanics to eliminate "Movement faults" and reverse any "Penalties" that can lead to injury or poor performance. 

Step 4:  Compilation
The results are discussed and the before and after videos and pictures are emailed to the client. 

What Movements Qualify for Movement Training?
Any movement can be analyzed.  The most common movements include:
Sports (Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Rowing, Track and Field, Rock Climbing, Gymnastics, Basketball, Volleyball)
Lifting (Work related lifting, Weight lifting, baby lifting)
Dancing (Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tango)

Where are sessions located?
Contact:  info@doctorvagy.com for information and locations in your area

What is the cost per session?
$150 per hour long session